What is Locator Safety & Appreciation Week?

Locator Safety & Appreciation Week (LSAW) was established in 2014 by Infrastructure Resources. The goal of LSAW is to bring awareness to and celebrate the critical role utility locate technicians play in excavation safety. Accurate marking ensures the safety of both the public and the infrastructure we all rely on. The job can be physically taxing, mentally draining, and unforgiving to even the smallest mistake. LSAW, celebrated during the last full week of April, offers us a chance to recognize the excellence and diligence locators around the world display each day, too often overlooked or taken for granted. 

Plan your Locator Safety & Appreciation Week by visiting the LSAW Resources page.

How LSAW Came to Be

Join Whitney Price, Scott Landes, Michele Moe, and Ron Peterson as they walk through the inception and history of Locator Safety Week.