ESA How-To: Add your Content to ESA

how-to Aug 16, 2021

The goal of Excavation Safety Alliance has always been to offer excavation safety from every perspective of the industry. We firmly believe that content diversity, from every stakeholder perspective, is a strength of ESA. 

Why Submit Content to ESA

First and foremost, hosting content on ESA increases the number of damage prevention professionals that view that content. Ultimately, providing more education for ESA members is about increased safety through learning. Secondly, submitting ESA content adds you, your organization, or your business to the conversation. Though we're all focused on damage prevention, there are naturally many perspectives on the best ways to achieve it: Share your perspective with ESA members with content. 

Submitting ESA Content

Do you have education you would like hosted on ESA for ESA members? We would love to review it and see if it's appropriate for the platform. Please email Jerilyn at jerilyn and she will provide you with instructions on content submission. 

A few things to think about before submitting:

  • Is the content you're submitting relevant to a specific industry within excavation safety? Which industry? 
  • Is the content self-promotional or purely educational? ESA content should be focused on education, not advertisement. 
  • What are the key take-aways I want viewers to have upon viewing or reading this content? 

Thank you, and we look forward to reviewing your ESA content submissions.

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