ESA How-To: Post in the ESA Community

community how-to Aug 16, 2021

What is the ESA Community

The Excavation Safety Alliance Community is a forum for all things excavation safety and damage prevention. All Free and Premium tier ESA members have access to the Community and are free to post within any of the Topics

Accessing ESA Community

Accessing the ESA Community feature is as easy as logging in to your ESA account. Log-in to ESA by clicking on "Log-in" in the upper right-hand corner of If you do not already have an ESA account, create a new one here. 

After logging in, click on "Community" on the main menu at the top of the screen. Welcome to ESA Community!


The ESA Community is divided into two primary sections. The "Feed" and "Topics". The Feed is a running stream of the latest posts in the ESA Community, regardless of topic. Think of the Feed in the same way you might think of a Facebook or Twitter feed. 


The other section of ESA Community is Topics. ESA Community is organized into topics, largely based on industry. For example, there is a Water & Sewer topic, where water & sewer professionals can discuss issues or ideas relevant to the industry. Topics are not set in stone, and new, timely, topics will appear over time. Moderators work to organize the forum but choosing the right Topic is ultimately up to the ESA member posting. 

Posting in the ESA Forum

Posting to ESA is as simple as typing a message into the "Write something..." box. 

Share your opinions on industry trends, share personal anecdotes, ask difficult questions, all in the ESA Community. Together we can foster an environment of growth and learning through unprecedented collaboration. 

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