June Town Hall | Are You Prepared for the Infrastructure Bill Impacts on the Damage Prevention Industry?

damage prevention esa town hall infrastructure Aug 09, 2022

Are You Prepared for the Infrastructure Bill Impacts on the Damage Prevention Industry?

Moderator: Jim Plasynski, CRO, KorTerra
• George Kemp, VP of Safety, Government Affairs & Quality Assurance, MetroNet, Inc.
• Mark Frost, Executive Director, Julie, Inc.
• Stephen Schafer, Manager Joint Use & Cable Locating, FirstEnergy
• Shane Bryan, VP OSP Engineering & Construction, Ritter Communications
• Harley Hartman, President, ELM Utility Services

On June 8, Infrastructure Resources continued the Excavation Safety Alliance (ESA) virtual Town Hall series with June’s topic asking our panelists, Are You Prepared for the Infrastructure Bill Impacts on the Damage Prevention Industry? This ESA Town Hall once again brought in over 100 committed stakeholders, this time around to discuss the largest infrastructure bill in American history totaling $1.2 trillion, and how it has already and will continue to affect the efforts within the damage prevention industry. To provide a well-rounded, multi-stakeholder perspective, panelists representing the One Call, Locating, and Telecommunications industries came together to discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Moderator Jim Plasynski got the interactive 80-minute Town Hall underway by discussing the timeline of this massive infrastructure funding rollout by highlighting how this is currently underway with related digging projects in progress by the time you are reading this. Significant macro market considerations such as supply chain issues, labor shortages, gas prices, inflation, and increased regulations have certainly complicated matters and that was a primary talking point during this event.

Some of the specific questions that were addressed during June’s ESA Town Hall include:

• What are some of your top challenges? What are some of your top priorities?
• Can a facility owner and an excavator mutually agree to a mark out after the lawful dig date?
• How are locate agreements documented and managed between stakeholder groups?
• How do utility owners effectively partner with utility locators to accommodate for the increased project demand?
• How are you dealing with large or complex project tickets?
• How are companies addressing high turnover rates and labor shortages in the utility locating profession?
• How are companies dealing with supply chain shortages on items such as paint, flags, and other materials?
• What technologies are being implemented to ensure that utilities are documented and easily locatable?

We received great feedback from our stakeholders for June’s ESA Town Hall. In fact, 94% of respondents would absolutely recommend ESA Town Halls to a peer. Raymond Sonnier of Atmos Energy said it best, “Are any of you guys willing to talk to me about damage prevention until I go to sleep tonight…LOVE this conversation!”

Want to view the full ESA June Town Hall for yourself and get answers to all the above questions? Click HERE! We encourage you to participate in future ESA Town Halls and to suggest topics of interest to YOU. Want to attend an in-person Town Hall? Join us for the annual Global Excavation Safety Conference. For more details and to register, visit GlobalExcavationSafetyConference.com.

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