What is Excavation Safety Alliance?

Mar 18, 2021

Excavation Safety Alliance (ESA) is a new membership platform for the damage prevention industry by Infrastructure Resources. Here’s the short history of how it started, what it is, and what we believe it can become.

If there was one positive to pull from an otherwise difficult year, it’s that 2020 forced us to pause and think deeply about who we, Infrastructure Resources (IR), are as a company. How are our many initiatives serving the industry? Are we living up to our own standards? How can we better help? 

 We have a core value at IR, and we try to consider it in every decision we make, especially the difficult ones.


“Saving Lives through Education”


It’s a simple phrase, but we’ve found it incredibly powerful in re-centering everything that we do. 2020 challenged our ability to share education through conference cancellations, and it challenged us personally to find new, innovative ways to fulfill that core value. From those challenges sprang the idea for Excavation Safety Alliance, an entirely new format for consuming and participating in excavation education.

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