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Locator Safety & Appreciation Week

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Ensuring Excavator Safety

Over 68,000 locates are performed every day. Accurate marks ensure the safety of the excavation professionals tasked with installing and servicing our underground infrastructure. 

Instilling Confidence

Locators help workers get home to their families, but the protection doesn't stop there. Install fences, dig trenches, and plant trees with the confidence granted by a well-performed private locate. 

Protecting Neighborhoods

A single square mile contains 5 miles of buried utilities. Potentially explosive gas lines, crucial electric, fiber, and water lines crisscross beneath neighborhood streets. 

Share your Appreciation

Locator Safety & Appreciation Week (LSAW) 2021

Locator Safety & Appreciation Week celebrates the essential work of utility locate technicians around the world. Every year, during the last full week of April, LSAW provides an opportunity for all excavation interest groups to recognize and share an appreciation for a too-often underappreciated role in the excavation process. 

Every year LSAW has a central theme. Last year, for example, focused on the dangers (many unknown) locators face in the field. 2021's theme is about trust, how it's built, and all of the amazing things it allows.

We trust locators’ hard work, discipline, and accurate marks to get us home safely to our families and loved ones. Thank you, locators, for providing the comfort of safety with your daily diligence.

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