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Social media is one of the most effective ways we can reach locate technicians to let them know that their work is essential and appreciated. Use these to plan your LSAW messaging for the week. Help share the critical role locate technicians play in safely building the infrastructure we all rely on. Progress is made possible through accurate marks.

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LSAW Videos

Watch Nulca's Ron Peterson, joined by Infrastructure Resource's Scott Landes, Whitney Price, and Michele Moe, explain the inception and importance of LSAW. 

Also included: Locator quick-tips videos explaining the private locate process and the practice of white lining. 

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Read the Complete 2022 Special Locate Edition of dp-PRO

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Scott Landes, CEO Infrastructure Resources

This special issue of dp-PRO was created because of my personal passion for damage prevention, my deep respect for these industry professionals and my desire to assist them in arriving home safe every night.