First and foremost, the obvious question:

What is Excavation Safety Alliance?


Excavation Safety Alliance (ESA) is a new membership platform for the damage prevention industry by Infrastructure Resources. Here’s the short history of how it started, what it is, and what we believe it can become.

If there was one positive to pull from an otherwise difficult year, it’s that 2020 forced us to pause and think deeply about who we, Infrastructure Resources (IR), are as a company. How are our many initiatives serving the industry? Are we living up to our own standards? How can we better help? 

 We have a core value at IR, and we try to consider it in every decision we make, especially the difficult ones.


“Saving Lives through Education”


It’s a simple phrase, but we’ve found it incredibly powerful in re-centering everything that we do. 2020 challenged our ability to share education through conference cancellations, and it challenged us personally to find new, innovative ways to fulfill that core value. From those challenges sprang the idea for Excavation Safety Alliance, an entirely new format for consuming and participating in excavation education.

Good motivation, but

How does it work?

Excavation Safety Alliance is a tier-based membership program, where different types of content are made available based on the membership tier (Free or Premium). ESA members are granted access to a treasure trove of excavation content, become a part of the ESA Community forum, and receive exclusive discounts. New content is added continuously, so there’s always something new to view.

Becoming an ESA member is as easy as clicking HERE. The platform is and always will be inclusive to everyone in the industry -- The entry-level membership is completely free. For a complete taste of ESA benefits, sign up for the Premium tier, now available with a 14-day free trial.

ESA Features

Live Town Halls

Join leaders in the industry as they brainstorm solutions for a rotating list of hot topics. Town Halls are the perfect opportunity to set the wheels of change in motion.

On-Demand Conference Sessions

Miss a conference or session, or just want to re-watch a session you loved? Find recorded sessions from Infrastructure Resources live and virtual conferences on ESA. 

ESA Community

The ESA community forum is the central hub for industry collaboration, and it’s available exclusively to ESA members. Lend your voice to topics in your area of expertise, find job listing, and network on ESA Community. 

Partner Content

We’ve scoured the internet for the video content being produced by excavation safety educators and curated it for ESA members.

Difference Maker Series

Ever want a behind-the-scenes look at how difficult things get done? The Difference Maker video series features those who move the industry forward.

Ask the Experts Series

We pick the brains of industry experts and give them an opportunity to share their passion, knowledge, and ideas with the ESA community. 


An ESA membership goes beyond the confines of the website experience. Members, depending on membership tier, are granted discounts on industry events and publications. 

Digital Downloads

ESA digital downloads bring ESA education to the jobsite. The Digital Downloads Center holds printable documents, like the Pre-Excavation Safety Checklist. 

Training Videos

Want to learn a new skill or sharpen an existing one? ESA training videos range from beginner level to advanced. 

Let's Get Started

Absolutely FREE for 14 days

We want ESA members to get as much out of the service as possible, and that means letting you try some of ESA's best features on us. Sign up for a Premium ESA membership today and the first 14 days are free.  




  • Resume posting
  • LSAW material
  • The ESA podcast
  • The ESA blog
  • Partner videos
  • dp-PRO digital magazine & e-newsletter



14 Day Free Trial (No CC required)

  • Ask the Expert, Difference Maker, and Soft Skills videos
  • Town Halls
  • Downloadable resources
  • dp-PRO & ESG (print)
  • Job posting on the ESA job board
  • 24/7 access to recorded conference sessions
  • Training videos
  • Training webinars
  • Virtual workshop discounts
  • Preferred custom Excavation Safety Guide pricing
  • Plus all features of the Free tier
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What is

Infrastructure Resources?

We are Infrastructure Resources (IR). We've spent the last two decades organizing the utility industry's premier damage prevention conference, producing educational content, publishing leading safety publications, and facilitating legendary relationships. You may be more familiar with the brands we create -- dp-PRO, Excavation Safety Guide, or The Global Excavation Safety Conference -- But all of these initiatives are connected to our core value at Infrastructure Resources: Saving Lives Through Education.

That mission, to save lives through education, inspired the creation of Excavation Safety Alliance (ESA). It is undoubtedly our most ambitious project to date, connecting such a diverse industry through a single platform, but we think we're uniquely suited to achieve it. Here's why:

We are Established Industry Organizers

Infrastructure Resources has hosted and organized the world's premier excavation safety conference, Global Excavation Safety Conference, since 2004. In doing so, we've consistently brought together stakeholders from across the industry, from all around the world. Through the organization of our conferences, we've learned how to create an environment where collaboration and problem-solving can flourish.  

We have an Unrivaled Content Library

Our conferences, webinars, and publications have yielded a bounty of industry education. With the ESA platform, we're finally able to offer it all in one place.

We Make Legendary Connections

We are incredibly grateful and proud of the relationships we've facilitated in our long history in the industry. Whether it be our conferences or publications, we've created spaces where meaningful relationships are cultivated. 

We are Unbeholden 

Staying true to our core value, Saving Lives through Education, our primary motivation is and always will be to advance damage prevention education. We have valued relationships with all stakeholder groups, and we know that excavation safety is a collaborative effort. 

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